Eden Demitrios

The archetypal girl next door, with straight brown hair, blue eyes and an easy smile.


IQ 18- Add 4 to all skills.
ME 18- Add 2 to saves vs Psionic/Insanity
MA 14-
PS 24- Add 8 to H2H damage
PP 22- Add 4 to parry, dodge and strike
PE 23- Bonus to coma, death, poison, and magic
PB 16-
Spd 27-
HPs 20-
SDC 37-

Roll with punch or fall +5
Parry or Dodge +6
Coma/Death +16%
Poison?mMagic +4

Mental Superiority
The character is a mental giant, who has a higher than normal intellect, willpower, and awareness. Extraordinary attributes add even more to these attributes.
Save vs. Magic 2
Save vs. Horror 2
Save vs. Possession 4
Perception 2

Physical Superiority
The character’s physical body is naturally strong, healthy, and toned. The character is at the peak level of normal human biology and looks as perfect as a human might be able to get, but is not superhuman unless extraordinary attributes are also possessed. Extraordinary attributes will increase these even further.

Personal Weapon: Energize Weapon
This power allows a character to create a powerful energy field around any object (whether it is a summoned weapon or not). The character can either create the energy field around a weapon and hold the weapon or throw it, in which case the energy fades once it strikes something. There is no limit to how long the energy field can be maintained, but it can only be produced around one melee weapon at level one and one more (for paired weapons) at level three. Energizing one (or two weapons at level three) requires one melee action.
·         +1 bonus to strike, parry (or entangle for whips), disarm, and throw the weapon. Add +1 more to each at level four.
·         For an energized hand held weapon, add a +8 damage bonus, +2 more per level of experience. For paired hand held energized weapons, cut the damage bonus in half and add it to the damage of each weapon.
·         Range is also increased too, to 50% more than before.
·         Energized thrown objects do an extra +4, damage +1 more per level of experience. This also applies to ranged melee weapons such as bows and crossbows.

·         Sense of Balance: 70+5
·         Walk Tightrope: 70+5
·         Climb Rope: 90+2
·         Climbing: 50+4
·         Backflip: 70+5
·         Prowl: 40+5
Computer Operation
First Aid
·         Sense of Balance: 60+5
·         Climb Rope: 80+2
·         Climbing: 30+6
·         Backflip: 80+8
·         Prowl: 40+5
Hand-to-Hand Basic
·         French
·         Greek
·         Italian
W.P. Knife
W.P. Paired
W.P. Targeting
Writing: 34+4


Eden Demitrios

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